Automobile Injury

Automobile Injury

Auto Accident Attorney in Evansville, IN

It’s all too common: you’re driving along when, without warning, you’re broadsided or struck from behind by another vehicle.

Even an auto accident that you walk away from can have lasting health and financial consequences. Back, neck, and other injuries may take days or even weeks to appear. Minor injuries sustained in the crash may turn into more severe, long-lasting conditions. And meanwhile, your vehicle is totaled, undrivable, or being repaired, and you can’t work.

Don’t count on your insurance company, or the other driver’s insurance company, to make things right for you. Insurance companies pay only what they can’t avoid paying. It’s how they make money. And they have armies of attorneys to make sure they don’t pay any more than they absolutely have to.

Even the best-intentioned insurance adjuster may not be able to address all your health and financial needs, and the process can drag on for a very long time. If you’ve suffered significant injury as the result of an automobile accident caused by another driver, you need professional representation.

You need Robert L. Simpkins, Personal Injury Attorney in Evansville, IN. Robert Simpkins has practiced personal injury law for over 35 years. He has handled hundreds of injury cases, and has obtained settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of the overwhelming majority of his clients.

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